'Mala' 25mm

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$17.00 Regular Price
$8.50Sale Price

Mala Lashes are 25mm long eyelashes. They are Extra long, fluffy, soft.

These lashes are giving a super glamorous touch whenever you pop them on. no one is going to ignore you while you wear these long bomb lshes!

  • Care instuctions

    Our lashes can be used 25+ times if treated properly.

    -First time wear: Adjust the lashes to the desired size by carefully cutting the outer part.

    -Adhesive: We recommend using the "DUO brush on" adhesive.

    -Clean: In order to use the product many times, clean the area where adhesive is applied, with proper soap and water. Dip the lashes in water with the appropriate soap for a few minutes and remove the adhesive left on them cautiously. 

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