Drama Queen

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If you're all about that dramatic look, our "Drama Queen" lashes are just for you.

Complete and upgrade every makeup look with the Chulita Lashes eyelashes, they are all:

3d mink

100% cruelty-free

100% handmade 


Enjoy and don't forget to be our friend, our Instagram: @chulita_lashes

  • care instructions

    Our lashes can be used 25+ times if treated properly.

    -First time wear: Adjust the lashes to the desired size by carefully cutting the outer part.

    -Adhesive: We recommend using the "DUO brush on" adhesive.

    -Clean: In order to use the product many times, clean the area where adhesive is applied, with proper soap and water. Dip the lashes in water with the appropriate soap for a few minutes and remove the adhesive left on them cautiously. 


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