Hi beauties, my name is Anastasia and I am the founder of Chulita Lashes, a high-quality, luxury eyelashes brand with the intention to give you the best quality lashes in the industry, working with the biggest companies in it. As well as encourage single mothers, like me, to always try and see the beautiful side of life and of motherhood. 

Chulita Lashes was born a year and a half after my son Damian was born, whom I raise alone to this day as a single mother since his father left when I was two months pregnant. 

After Damian was born it was extremely hard to get used to my new reality. they say it takes a village to raise one kid so let alone being one person raising a kid can be pretty challenging most of the time. 

but shortly after I stepped into this world of 3 hours sleep, baby poop, crying etc. I was surprised by how much I loved motherhood, and being Damians mom became the best thing to have ever happened to me.

I accepted my journey with love and patience and positivity. 

as time passed I realized I love motherhood so much, and I want it to be my full-time job, and to have the opportunity to raise my kid in the best way I can. So staying positive throughout this hard time in my life is what really got me into thinking of ways I can make life better and build a stable environment for my son and I. so I turned into one of my biggest passions in life - makeup and eyelashes in particular because I am wearing lashes all the time. and there is no way I won't complete a makeup look without lashes! even when I don't do a full face of makeup, when I wake up, the first thing I do is pop on lashes. they just make everything look beautiful and womanly. and I also love to use different styles each time (dramatic/natural/ wispier etc.).

and my passion for lashes grew even more after becoming a mom and the lack of time led me to get ready quickly, most days I don't have the time to do a full face of makeup so I only pop lashes and pack on some lipstick and there you go - I feel beautiful.  so that is what I want to give all the Chulitas who get our lashes - to feel beautiful wearing our luxurious lashes, complete any makeup look with them, or just pop them in the morning when you don't have time to get ready and feel gorgeous. and also give a verity of styles to match different occasions, moods, and desires. 


I welcome all Chulitas to ride along this journey with me and my son and enjoy our beautiful eyelashes and their high quality with the cute packaging.


xoxo, Anastasia. 





The brand story

The brand vision

CEO words: Not only we see eyelashes as a beautiful addition to makeup - but as a necessity to complete every makeup look, and for me personally, I can't go out without wearing my lashes. 

So this is really what Chulita Lashes is all about - a real passion for lashes. therefor, for all the people who feel the same way about lashes, we serve the latest styles in the industry with the highest quality on the market, keeping a low price for luxury lashes. because as someone who wears lashes on a daily basis, I want them to be from the best quality. therefore, I work only with large companies that guarantee the product is 100% top quality. 

Therefore, our eyelashes can be worn over +25 times with the proper care. 

 Chulita lashes will launch a new collection every two- three months so we can guarantee our customers a variety of styles and innovations in the field.‚Äč


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